Oct 26

Halloween has become a more popular thing in Britain over the past few years. More people are hosting Halloween parties and carving up pumpkins. But the efforts in the UK to get in the Halloween spirit, still do not compare to the Halloween celebration found in America.

Since England does not really have the weather (too much rain) it is hard to grow pumpkin patches outdoors. For this reason, Brits will most likely to go their local supermarket to pick out the pumpkin they want to carve. American’s on the other hand, visit fabulous pumpkin patches with family or friends and use it as a great day out. While finding their favourite pumpkins, you’ll find them sipping on a cup of hot apply or cinnamon cider – which a brit might confuse for an alcoholic beverage – it’s not!

Since Halloween is known for scary movies and classics like the Rocky Horror Show, Brits really put Halloween into action when dressing up. You will only find horrifying make up or people dressed as vampires and witches to really gain the scare factor. However, for Americans, they dress up in any costume they like! From superheroes to Disney princesses, Americans do not push the scariness as much as you might find in the UK.

In terms of outdoor decorations, the most you will find from a house in England is a skeleton in the window or a pumpkin sitting in the front garden. However, in America people really go all out to make their houses look haunted with extreme decorations.

Although trick or treating does happen in the UK, it does not compare to the streets of America that will be filled with kids! Similarly, with Halloween events, America holds big parades in most states, one of the most famous being held in New York City. In the UK, Halloween events tend to be more on the lines of visiting actual castle dungeons and historical spooks sites.


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